ixxxi Steel Autumn Winter 2018

iXXXi STEEL is a trendy jewelry collection made of stainless steel and colourfull stones. You can choose from many beautiful bracelets and single rings to match your outfit and event. iXXXi STEEL also has a collection of bracelets, men rings and rings for women.

iXXXi STEEL Inspiration

  • ixxxi-steel-inspiration-IBR04-04
  • ixxxi-steel-inspiration-IBR05-04
  • ixxxi-steel-inspiration-IBR25-03
  • ixxxi-steel-inspiration-IXR002-03
  • ixxxi-steel-inspiration-IXR005-03
  • ixxxi-steel-inspiration-IXR013-03
  • ixxxi-steel-inspiration-IXR017-03
  • ixxxi-steel-inspiration-R01
  • ixxxi-steel-inspiration-R05


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